When a pipeline inspection results in anomalies there is a need to perform a dig (Pipeline In-Line Inspection – ILI) along with a visual inspection which may result in further testing or repair.

Working with our client, a leading pipeline storage, and distribution company for crude oil, refined products and specialty liquids, Y&L assisted in creating a Mobile Dig application to be used by the client’s field construction managers to retrieve, document, and submit findings from dig assignments scheduled by the corporate office.
Each time a dig is conducted a number of forms are required to be filled out. The new application allowed those forms to be available electronically. The solution created is a Windows 10 application which was deployed to Windows tablets assigned to field construction managers.

The new online application provided full visibility into the progress of digs in “almost” real time. It also enabled efficient collection and submission of complex forms digitally and allowed for the efficient management of dig packages for field construction managers.