Data & Analytics Assessments

Data Analytic teams embedded within a larger organization face the challenge of being an unwelcomed disruptive technology and many times fail the first time they attempt a major analytics initiative.

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Prior to beginning a data analysis project, a capabilities assessment to identify the current analytic maturity within your organization should be performed. The assessment should benchmark current analytic activities and processes relative to industry best practices, identify opportunities to better leverage analytics, and prioritize data-centric business goals to minimize cost and maximize return on investment from analytics.

The assessment methodology below covers six dimensions necessary to achieve analytics excellence.

Data & Analytics Assessment Timeline

The following timeline provides an idea on what activities should be performed during an assessment. The actual amount of time it takes to move from one phase to the other is completely up to the organization (whether you have strong adopters, strong resistors or a combination of both). Y&L has the experience performing assessments and can help guide you through the process and address any internal concerns/objections.

Clean Data, Smooth Third-party Data Integration and Illustrative Dashboards Can Bring Opportunities to Light

Once the assessment has been completed and necessary deficiencies have been addressed, the Data Analytics team can move forward with confidence that the data they present completely and accurately represents the state-of-the-business.

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