About Y&L

Our Focus – Information Technology Consulting

Since our beginning in 1999, our company’s focus has always been on the business and IT needs of our customers. Serving mid-size to large companies ($2+ billion), needs vary based upon size, economic factors, previous IT investment decisions, and a company’s future outlook.

Whether it’s supporting legacy systems, integrating with third-parties, performing company-wide software upgrades, providing help desk and infrastructure support, or expanding into emerging technologies, Y&L has evolved based upon the needs of our clients.

For over 20 years, we have worked with business and IT leaders to accomplish their goals.

More specifically, their goals have not been to create and integrate a piece of software, it’s been to:

  • Improve back-end operations.
  • Increase online sales
  • Improve internal and external communication.
  • Address competitive threats.
  • Increase revenue and profit.

Along the way, we have created Centers of Excellence, based upon extensive experience and industry best practices, that allow us to confidently offer the following:

Onsite, Offsite, Nearshore, and Offshore IT Development, QA and Maintenance

Onsite, Offsite, Nearshore, Offshore Help Desk/Infrastructure Services

Analytics & Data Science Solutions

Big Data, EDM and Business Intelligence Solutions

Robotic Process Automation Services

IoT and IIoT Technology Development

Social and Digital Media Services

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