Despite the desire to go paperless, Federal, State and regulatory requirements often mandate mailing paper correspondence in certain industries. The P&C Insurance industry is one such industry.
Unlike the validation of phone numbers or email addresses, physical address validation is a protracted process, making it difficult to ascertain correctness.


Apart from regulatory requirements for paper-based communications, a significant number of our client’s customers preferred paper.
Our client was challenged with receiving a significant amount of returned mail due to incorrect mailing addresses within their database. This caused compliance issues and significant customer dissatisfaction resulting in policy lapse and subsequent cancellation due to nonpayment.


Y&L assisted our client in evaluating various address verification web service providers. The USPS address service emerged as the most appropriate fit.
Y&L modified our client’s legacy and web systems to seamlessly integrate USPS’s verification services to validate an address at the time of entry. This ensured that the address was entered correctly in the first place.
Y&L also performed a mass correction of existing addresses stored in our client’s databases.


Through this effort, Y&L was able to correct over 50,000 customer addresses. This provided an annual postage savings of $100,000 as well as hundreds of thousands in retained business.
This solution will continue to provide savings to our client in perpetuity by preventing misdirected mailings in the future.


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