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Enterprise Information Management (EIM) combines business strategy, practices and technologies to effectively manage data and drive performance. This underlying foundation is required to become a high performance organization, comprised of people that are connected to common metrics, goals and strategies. From content creation, to access, management, cleansing, archival, integration and governance, and strategy to delivery, Y&L’s comprehensive Enterprise Information Management (EIM) program provides flexible support and master data management strategy, enabling companies to unify and distribute master data that is trustworthy.

Y&L offers EIM solutions and services that let you build a cohesive information management strategy that leverages existing assets, meets urgent needs and establishes a fast path to the future. We believe that good information strategy is good business strategy, and that an effective EIM strategy requires three things: information readiness, information capabilities, and information confidence.

Remote Monitoring Of Chemical Discharge Using DJI Drones

Y&L drone solutions coupled with state-of-the-art technology helps industrial Chemical Companies become EHS compliant with timely detection of operational anomalies in chemical discharge and respond quickly to critical situations like discharge color aberration, thermal temperature variance, detection of fumes & smoke, and fire detection with improved accuracy and lower cost.

It is an unnerving task for any chemical manufacturing company to carry out jobs like inspecting seas, ponds and lakes for hazardous chemical discharge. Moreover, companies must comply with health and safety standards which is not only difficult but also entails enormous risk and cost. With a problem in search of a solution, the Y&L chemical discharge remote monitoring solution allows users to access a live feed and monitor the change in defined parameters or status from a remote location.

The drone is enabled with IOT sensors to collect real-time data to carry-out predictive analysis for detecting any harmful incidents/accidents.

Remote monitoring of chemical discharge using DJI Drones allows for continuous monitoring of contaminated and difficult to reach environments, thermal imaging for temperature variance, detection of possible dangers and timely alerts to prevent mistakes. Intelligent drone usage overcomes human limitations by carrying out in-depth analysis, improve safety and compliance, risk and cost reduction associated with monitoring.

Y&L’s solution consists of a powerful integration of the following: DJI Drone SDK, Power Apps Mobile Application, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics & Reporting, Power of Cloud, Automated Workflows, Predictive Analytics, Internet of Things (sensors), Azure Cognitive Service.

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