Social Media Monitoring Services

There are so many customers on so many devices at all times of the day and night making comments. Some of those comments are about your company, your products, your services, your locations, your staff, your pricing, etc. Are you listening?

Although some of this feedback may come across as complaints, it should be seen as unsolicited morsels of customer insight. You are actually receiving “free” marketing information from your customers. Are you gathering this insight? Passing it on to the appropriate departments? Making improvements to your product, services, pricing, etc., based on these cues? Or are they not even being monitored?

One thing is for sure: you can bet your competitors are monitoring your customers’ comments online. They are picking up nuggets of information while watching your unmonitored consumers establish a groundswell of complaints that go unaddressed by you.

During your first engagement with SPS DGTL, a division of Y&L Consulting San Antonio, we will help map your social efforts against our “Five Levels of Social Success” to determine where you are, and then roadmap where you would like to be.

SPS DGTL offers both turnkey and hosted social listening and response models.

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The Turnkey Approach

Perhaps you want to be in charge of your social media activities and are just looking for some best practices to fine-tune your approach toward online listening and response. Our SPS DGTL Consultants can work with your Marketing and IT teams to:

Hosted SPS DGTL Response Teams

Social customer service may not be what you expect to develop into a core competency, but we believe it is essential to do so. Our uniquely qualified and trained SPS DGTL response team can monitor and seamlessly respond to your clients online, in real time, on your behalf. Approximately 42% of social media customers expect a response to a stated issue within an hour. Our team is tied into all of the social media crawlers, looking for any mention of your company, at any moment, on any social media platform. Once notified the team springs into action, responding to the customer, documenting the interaction, and adding it to your weekly or monthly report. Critical issues are forwarded to you immediately (a down website, report of fraud, etc.).


Active social listening must be converted into actionable data in order for you to derive true value from it. Our social response teams capture customer input, organize the input (i.e. Pricing, Product, Quality, Locational, etc.), and then provide it to you to disseminate to the appropriate internal departments. The voice of customer data is much more powerful today than it used to be, as consumers express emotion-based comments in real-time across a grand online audience, rather than phone the company’s Call Center to log a complaint.

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