Gov2Biz – Government Licensing & Permitting Software

Gov2Biz is a cloud-based, single platform, designed to streamline the government agency licensing and permitting process. The application encourages self-service and data entry by the licensee. In addition, it allows the licensee to manage all of their agency licensees and permits online, make payments online, check the status of their application and much more. On the government side, a license application only goes under an agent’s review after the system has confirmed that all information was entered correctly and the payment has been made successfully.

Any standard communications, such as renewal reminders, have been automated and are seamlessly emailed to licensees. Cross-department data exchange means that any agent can access a licensees file for review, completion or to answer questions. A dual-facing application means the agent sees what the licensee sees online and vice-versa. Our work-from-anywhere capability allows both the agent and the licensee to access the application on their computer, laptop, tablet and/or mobile device.

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“Process automation through technology eliminates errors and shortens wait times for licensees. Gov2Biz allows case workers to focus on exceptions and potential fraud while allowing licensees to play a role in expediting their licenses.”
Gonzalo M. Barrientos, Jr.
Texas State Senator