A post-acute and long-term care full service pharmacy was relying on several legacy systems to handle its Record-to-Report process. The main problem was a lack of visibility across multiple systems as well as several manual processes. In order to streamline business processes and gain transparency across each line of business a change needed to be made.

Working together to replace multiple outdated technologies with an optimized SAP solution, Y&L was able to provide an end-to-end accounting system allowing the client to develop reports and balance statements to perform in-dept forecasting.
Y&L Healthcare SAP specialists implemented the SAP Collections Module (SAP RM) to support receivable management and prioritize the customer receivables function based on defined rules. This automation replaced the manual spreadsheet process of performing client collections. The client now has full visibility across collection teams and full reporting capabilities. With the successful implementation of SAP Collections Management, the client has reduced the crucial Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) significantly.