Whenever you come to a crossroad it’s difficult to determine what to do. And when it comes to determining when, if and how to make a strategic (and potentially costly) change to how your IT infrastructure operates and supports your entire organization, the stakes are particularly high.

Generally companies don’t change IT direction very often so when it comes to starting the process, skilled resources who have been through it before are not generally found internally. That’s why you need to choose a company who has helped numerous organizations go through this intense process: current state evaluation, incorporating business needs, conducting stakeholder interviews, identifying future goals for the organization, and then successfully define a preferred future state and provide a detailed IT roadmap.

On average it takes approximately 3-4 months to develop a solid, well vetted-out plan the CIO feels comfortable sharing with other senior leadership. This represents a major change and investment and is certainly not something you want to get wrong or have anyone within the company shoot holes in. That’s why you have to work with a company (more specifically the talented individuals within a company) whom you trust. Companies trust the expertise and processes at Y&L for clearly defining IT strategies and roadmaps which lead their companies forward.

A high level overview of the processes we follow and case studies for some of the companies we have performed this service for are attached. However, a brochure isn’t going to convince you we are the right people for the job – we need to meet. You will be impressed with our IT Strategists and the assessment processes we employ.