Healthcare strategies and technologies that reduce costs and enable the organization to bring new operating models to scale while leveraging financial and clinical information to drive performance and quality are in high demand. Healthcare stands to derive the greatest benefit from digitally capturing, storing and harvesting patient data. Data analytics can be used to uncover opportunities within medical, nursing, pharmaceutical and administrative processes to cut costs, accelerate workflows, and improve care.
However, healthcare organizations are confronted with a myriad of challenges, such as:
• The role of government in healthcare
• Making healthcare delivery more personalized, precise, outcome-driven and integrated
• Allowing patients access to their information via automation
• Growing healthcare needs from an aging public, insurance/payer expectations,
more patient care choices

Healthcare Provider IT Operational Diagram

The healthcare provider market leverages a wide array of technical solutions for improving key operational
areas and the interconnectivity between those areas.
These technical solutions handle business needs such as managing corporate and institutional
administration as well as impacting revenue cycle by providing core care and ancillary care delivery

In the past, healthcare IT systems and applications were primarily centered around the operational needs of the organization. Today, IT systems are integral in expediting patient paperwork, administering patient care, monitoring patient progress, sending alerts to care-givers and providing treatment insight. As for the future, advancements in digital communication tools, IoT devices and remote monitoring technologies, will allow for virtual home care – resulting in lower patient costs and improving their quality of life.

Technology in Healthcare

Advancements in IT provide real-time access to relevant information at the point of care, captures the information exchange between patients and care providers, and establishes full visibility of operational support.

• Enable a personalized healthcare experience with integrated patient access, billing, and
clinical records.
• Collaborate with patients and providers to manage patient recovery outside of a hospital
• Use advanced analytic applications to drive Insight for better outcomes and research.
• Gain forward-looking, organization-wide insight from automated, real-time financial analytics.
• Streamline procurement processes to drive compliance and control while reducing costs and risks.

SAP in Pharma

Based upon extensive experience, Y&L has developed a pre-configured Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for SAP Pharma based upon our industry best practices.

PharmaOne is a comprehensive, prepackaged SAP Business All-in-One ERP solution designed to improve operational efficiency, increase employee productivity, and respond to market demands with agility

• Adherence to FDA compliance
• Track and manage plant-wide data
• Tight integration with finance and improved cost visibility
• FIFO-FEFO batch determination, shelf life monitoring, traceability and Electronic Batch Record
• 102 GxP built-in controls

Patient Dashboard Development

Put all patient information at the physician’s fingertips through the development of patient dashboards. Y&L’s Analytics & Data Science specialists are experts in harnessing and massaging raw data to present clear and actionable data through dashboard development.

• Vital Signs
• Medications
• Lab Results
• Progress Notes
• Clinical Orders

About Y&L Consulting

With Y&L’s deep understanding of the healthcare and pharma industries, organizations like yours benefit from our experience in delivering operational efficiencies, risk reduction, and improved customer service through developing and deploying market-specific technical solutions, data analytics and dashboard development, patient data management and governance and much more. Y&L delivers best-in-class technology, consulting services and Insight for healthcare and pharma organizations nationwide.