Erach is the President & CEO of Y&L and a member of our Board of Directors. He is also a co-founder. In his role, Erach sets strategies and participates in the tactical implementation of those strategies. He promotes and sustains the values and the open culture of the company and through a combination of professional experience and a positive attitude, operates a flat organization with an open door policy allowing everyone the opportunity of having their voices heard.

Erach also serves on the Board of Directors of the following Y&L subsidiaries: SPS DGTL, PMWare PPM, Gov2Biz and Sistema Technologies, Inc.

Prior to Y&L, Erach was a Branch Manager for Renaissance Worldwide, Inc. (formerly The Registry and Shamrock Computer Resources) and managed the second largest branch in the company. Renaissance provided strategy consulting, IT services and created the Balanced Scorecard.

For over two decades, Erach has played a key role in driving strong and sustainable growth and developing our deep relationships with clients. In keeping with its tradition of innovation and driving growth, he has focused on Digital Services to align with the strategic needs of clients to transform and innovate.

As the chief promoter of Y&L’s values, under Erach’s leadership, an important principle that we live by, is giving back to the cities we operate in; they have been good to us and we want to return that favor. We involve ourselves in technology initiatives at the city level, train and re-train our employees, educate school districts about the IT market, welcome and encourage veteran applications, and work with our clients to present deserving candidates job opportunities.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Bombay.

Erach and his wife have three children. He is also an equestrian and enjoys country living.