A pharmacy management services organization was utilizing an AS400 system and Brio to make data queries. This manual process didn’t regulate data consistency or provide a user-friendly experience. Although leveraging Cognos gave answers to predetermined questions, they wanted to answer exploratory questions.

Y&L worked with the executive team to understand what business problems required solving, current processes and the data-flow supporting these processes. Ultimately, a full end-to-end data solution was agreed upon; Microsoft stack on the backend with Qlik Sense empowering users on the frontend.

A SQL Server Database environment was implemented to ingest AS400 data. With the correct architecture, rules, and cleansing checks, this implementation served as the foundation for clean and trusted data and supported the backend architecture for frontend tools.

With the SQL Server implementation in place, the Y&L team began attacking questions in the visualization tool – Qlik Sense. In the course of a year, 6 enterprise applications were built, consisting of 8 reporting dashboards per application, providing at-a-glance Insight, standardized KPIs, actionable & drillable visualizations, and user-friendly self-service tools.