Our client, a pioneer in the realm of home healthcare services, was looking for a mobile solution that could monitor the vitals of patients through devices like a pulse oximeter, thermometer, etc. and store them in a repository as part of patient monitoring and record keeping. In addition to monitoring, should there be an abrupt deviation, the client wanted text alerts to the attending physicians and allow them the ability to see the real-time information and reach out to the patients remotely.

For the patient, the mobile app would also send daily reminders for taking their medicines and allow them to locate nearby physicians specialists if needed (cardiologist, etc.). Y&L created a mobile application that would capture and present health readings by pairing medical device APIs with the mobile application and send those results to the Admin app via AWS. An interface for test scheduling via AWS was also created and mobile-enabled. The solution is hosted on the cloud and therefore there was no need for the client to have to invest in additional hardware.